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Multitasking lifestyle might lead to Dangerous Diving

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Multitasking behind the wheels of a moving car is a recipe of accident. A human brain can change back and forth quickly between activities but your performance will suffer for most people are not good in multitasking. Instead of having two tasks at the same time efficiently, you do the task poorly. And this is really true if you are driving. Even just by listening to music or a radio while driving could reduce the amount of the bandwidth for about 40% that is dedicated for driving.

Being able to multitask while working at your desk in the office is a great thing but doing different thing at once while you are on the wheel of a moving car is a different thing. You are not only you are risking yourself but you could also cause destructive accident or could cause injury to other people.

Distracted driving can take many forms. You can get distracted by

  • Making a phone call or talking to a phone
  • Reading or typing a text message
  • Eating and drinking
  • Putting makeup
  • Reaching for something in the passenger seat
  • Adjusting controls or listening to the radio or music
  • Talking to a passenger or daydreaming
  • Checking your GPS
  • Lighting a cigarette or just holding a cigarette

Depending on the speed of your vehicle, you can travel a great distance even in just a short time. Taking your eyes out of the road could lead to an accident even in just few seconds; this is especially if you are driving very fast. Even a split second of sending a text message could have a child in front of your car or you could swerve into another lane going head to head with another vehicle. So, for your safety and for the safety of others, pull over on the side of the road before doing either making a phone call or sending a text message. Some drivers think that while in a red light, it is alright to use a phone but that is a mistake you won’t ever do. Most accidents occur in the intersection. If you are talking to someone on the phone during the red light at the intersection, you might:

  • Miss a pedestrian walking on the crosswalk just before the light changes. Hitting someone in situation like this is very easy.
  • You might not see the changing of the light and might get rear-ended by a car behind you.
  • You might fail seeing a running vehicle on at a red light across an intersection

One of the reasons why people have the time to multitask is that they have enough time to get to their destination so they are feeling they have the time to eat and drink and have a good time while driving.

The most catastrophic accidents that is happening daily is often caused by a distracted driver. If you are injured on the road by at the hands of those distracted drivers, you should consult an auto accident lawyer colorado springs to discuss your options.

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