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The Social Relevance of the Marvel Film Black Panther

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Marvel Studio‘s Black Panther is a cultural phenomenon, a strong box office hit that brings insightful reviews and encourages social and mainstream media discourse. Today’s cinema has progressed from debates about the importance of diversity to something biggerThis film is a relatively progressive celebration of the black culture, and there are no signs that interest about the film is waning. 

With a host of stars hailing from the black race working in front and behind the cameras, Black Panther is more than a new superhero story. It also deals with the development of Black culture, and it investigates a future where art can be. It celebrates and promotes everything from traditional African culture to African-American politics, from black beauty to heritage security, all within the fertile walls of Wakanda’s fictional African nation. 

The Box Offic Success of Black Panther 

Black Panther’s greatest accomplishment may not be what Marvel, Hollywood, or box office’s profit has achieved, but what it has done for society. In Wakanda, black people find a spiritual oasis that’s like nothing we’ve seen before.  

Black Panther celebrates several facets of the black culture. Black Panther is a message of support to black culture in many ways. Africa has historically been a sophisticated bit player in American media, frequently portrayed as primitive, barbaric, and volatile in everything from news coverage to movies. It is a portrayal that leaves no room for other interpretations. However, the Black Panther vision of Wakanda is so thrilling as a thriving metropolis with vibranium-powered city skyscrapers, floating spaceships, and flying buses. 

Marvel films can also be seen in fantastic, creative locations, like Thor’s Asgard and Galaxy’s far-flung worlds. But nothing was as deep and bold as Wakanda’s dream of the Africans, which appears to be grateful to beautiful black people representing our shared imagination and beauty. Black Panther is a huge asset of black power, but it’s a big attraction for black filmmakers who are hungry for this dream, too. 

The Wakanda Dream Landscape  

To make the Wakanda landscape work, the movie called on a team of designers to display a unique, beautiful dark aesthetic. The people who worked on the film made sure that the natural beauty of the blacks shines through. The entire project was produced in the sense of a bigger black cultural moment. Black Panther’s costumes tried to instill the meaning and faith in the image of the black race 

The costumes used has to depict the black in a way that they had never been colonized, and make it seem that they’re looking forward to the future based their real history. The production staff behind Black Panther on different African nations as reference points, such as South Africa, Kenya, and Namibia. They were able to achieve the correct look, and not just portrayed cult. This movie is a critical point of reference for blacks as everyone else find the ability to accept everything from Afrofuturism to the black natural hair movement. There are a lot more things to know and discover about the black race. You may also refer to the Through Black Eyes: Unfiltered podcast.  

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